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It lasts because you study with your family


It is actually quite difficult to continue learning Japanese conversation.

If you attend a Japanese language school, you can continue, but learning using the app is a thing that will make you lose a bit or forget your daily repetition.

Especially if you are learning alone, you will not be able to continue, postpone or just for today.

Family Japanese, you learn and practice in the family, so there is no delay.

If someone in your family doesn't remember today's phrase, you can say "Remember it," so it lasts a long time.

In addition, family communication can be activated by practicing with the family.

Even in adolescents who have difficulty speaking, conversations are created through Family Japanese and family communication is smooth.

Family Japanese is a smartphone app

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


Get it on Google Play

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch



Get it on Google Play


You can easily share your progress on iOS and Android.

Free app

The app is completely free. There is no additional charge or display of advertisements.

Please Donate

We provide Family Japanese for free so that foreign workers and their families can learn Japanese equally and live in Japan in peace. Of course, development and operation costs money.
If you learn Japanese by using Family Japanese and when you can earn money, please donate.
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