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Family Japanese practice Japanese with family

Family Japanese is designed to be fun for your family.

It is especially suited for Japanese language lessons for families with elementary to middle school children.

As a well-meaning family, you can work on lessons without embarrassment and without fear.

In addition, teaching to a child makes learning for parents. You can not teach unless you understand.

The app displays English and Japanese translations (Kanji and Kana and sound), and you can also hear the native speaker's pronunciation.
The pronunciation of native speakers is made easy to hear, but if you are a child you can not read Japanese, so it will be difficult to listen.
In such a case, a family who has learned Japanese can teach elementary school children how to read and pronounce. If you have studied Japanese, it is easy to read and listen.

For example, if your primary school child is difficult to hear and can not remember, you can imagine the following exchange.

The eldest daughter uses the iPod Touch with the name "Annie". The second girl is using the iPad with the name "Cindy". Daddy and mom are using the iPhone.

Annie, say "It's time to get up" to dad.

Annie sees "Today's phrase", reads a Japanese phrase, then presses the speaker button to confirm pronunciation.

← Please try to actually press this, you can hear the pronunciation.


Nice! If you remember, please click the "Done!" Button.

← Please try to actually push this. Actual voice has multiple patterns.

Annie pressed the "Done!" Button on her iPod Touch.

Cindy, say "It's time to get up" to dad.

I can't read, I can't hear!

Well, let's say it slowly, listen carefully. (Slowly) "Okiru jikan dayo."

Okiru jikan dai.

I miss you! The end is not "dai" but "dayo". Let's say it again, yeah! "Okiru jikan dayo."

Oh yes, let's say it alone.

Okiru jikan dayo.

Oh yes, it feels good. Practice a little more and if you think you've learned, press the "Done!" Button.

If mam will remember, we can try a new phrase tomorrow!

Family Japanese is a smartphone app

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


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iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch



Get it on Google Play


You can easily share your progress on iOS and Android.

Free app

The app is completely free. There is no additional charge or display of advertisements.

Please Donate

We provide Family Japanese for free so that foreign workers and their families can learn Japanese equally and live in Japan in peace. Of course, development and operation costs money.
If you learn Japanese by using Family Japanese and when you can earn money, please donate.
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