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Learn from learning one phrase every day

1 phrase daily

Studying is a repetition of review. However, it is difficult to memorize several phrases at once.

Family Japanese presents a new phrase with one phrase every day. By incorporating that one phrase into your conversation with your family, you will be able to remember English idioms reasonably well. Once you have remembered, just press the "Done!" button. You can move on to the next phrase once the whole family has learned.

In addition, Family Japanese presents randomly only one phrase that the family learned in the past, every day.

If you remember, just press the "Done!" Button, if you don't remember, just memorize it again, practice by speaking out, and press "Done!".

As with "Today's phrase", if all the family members do not press "Done!", The next day will not proceed.

In other words, it is only necessary to memorize two phrases of "Today's phrase" and "Challenge again" every day.

In this way, just learning only two phrases each day will ensure that you can have simple Japanese conversations with your family within one month.

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iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch



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We provide Family Japanese for free so that foreign workers and their families can learn Japanese equally and live in Japan in peace. Of course, development and operation costs money.
If you learn Japanese by using Family Japanese and when you can earn money, please donate.
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