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Phrases in consideration of everyday scenes

Good monring.

In many Japanese conversation applications, phrases are divided and recorded for each scene, and the purpose is to find out the phrase that matches the scene on the spot and talk.

In Family Japanese, a group of consecutive phrases takes into consideration the scene.

For example, the first 50 or so phrases are packed with phrases that assume the scene from when the family wakes up in the morning until the family leaves.

In the next group, we have put together a phrase that assumes the scene from going to school or company and returning home.

Family Japanese learns one by one the phrases that will be used every day, instead of examining them when needed.

If you remember all the phrases in the first group, you will be able to speak almost all of the family's conversation in Japanese from waking up to leaving in the morning.

In addition, Family Japanese focuses on frequently used phrases in the family, especially when talking to children, or from children to parents. If your child speaks in English, "Say it in English?" Means "Sore wa nihongo de nanto iuno?", And by letting them say in Japanese again, Japanese language skills will be further enhanced.

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